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paolo.martini at alice.it paolo.martini at alice.it
Sun Nov 6 15:46:13 EST 2011

yes, I am working with for a timestamp on a FireWire Camera (MARLIN CAMERA)
Unfortunately no  free software can timestamp frame withouth data loss.
My camera is unable to carry out  an atuomatic timestamp (it is and old version).
Thank you for info
Paolo Martini 

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Ogg: Re: [time-nuts] Precisione GPS based led clock

> Dear  all
> I am an amateur astronomer working in the field of minor planet 
> occultation.
> To arrange a precise reference  time I am looking for a 1/100 sec LED 
> dispaly clock GPS based. (LED is usefull for night vision)
> My idea is to use a "ebay" used master clock such as  " ThunderBolt GPS 
> disciplined clock" to drive a timecode display. Particulary I wish to 
> realize a "PIC" based LED clock to display hour min sec and use the 10 
> MHz reference to arrange an  1/10 and 1/100 sec disaply.  Can anyone 
> help me in finding schemes or any more flexible idea?
> thanks

A small Netbook PC locked to a good local NTP server should be able to 
achieve that.  Your local NTP server can be locked to GPS (ideally) or to 
the Internet.

GPS devices:

The PC's screen refresh rate would be marginal for 1/00s, though.  Perhaps 
1/20s is more realistic.

If 1/10s is good enough, there are applications like Emerald Time for your 


Are you actually trying to timestamp a video recording or light-level 
reading?  Or time pressing a button?

SatSignal software - quality software written to your requirements
Web:  http://www.satsignal.eu
Email:  david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk 

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