[time-nuts] BBC on Leap Seconds

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Sun Nov 6 18:25:56 EST 2011

FYI: A series of articles, the first 3 from 4 November 2011.



Individual articles from above:

.  4 November 2011

*	The end of the 'leap second'?

Next year, the international community will vote on whether to abolish the leap

*	Changes to the world's time scale debated

Science & Environment / 4 November 2011

And the main issue up for debate is the leap second - and whether we should
abolish it. The leap second came into existence in 1972. It is added.

*	Science explained: What is a leap second?

4 November 2011

Science reporter Rebecca Morelle explains what a leap second is - and what would
happen if we got rid of them.

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