[time-nuts] Close in frequency stability

Loïc MOREAU Loic.MOREAU at eai.fr
Mon Nov 7 03:52:09 EST 2011


Here attached is a TBOLT screen shot, 

I am unable to go an ADEV @ 1s not better than 10-8 with timelab when I  am measuring a 10-134 10 MHz source, I suppose that it is due to the short term stability  of my TBOLT around 20 ppt rms with spikes coming up to 80 ppt .

Putting directly the output of my external 10MHz ref in the input of my 53132A counter  give some  variation of the 11 and 12 digits which is expected accordingly to PPS TBOLT span .      

I would like to know if I am at the limits of the TBOLT for close in stability measurements and if there is any way to improve that (may be I have missed something). 


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