[time-nuts] Raven Industries GPS in-line L1 Amplifier

Robin Kimberley robkimberley at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 7 05:22:48 EST 2011

What's the problem in sending to the UK. I've used their products in the

Rob Kimberley

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> Just be careful on overloading the front end of a GPS receiver. A 
> typical (what ever that is anymore) GPS receiver has about a maximum 
> of a 15 dB power bandwidth. If overloading occurs (minor), it might 
> swamp the strong signals. If you already have an active antenna the 
> extra 12 dB of the in-line amp may effectively "jam" all the signals. 
> That said, thanks for the heads up and I believe I'll get one just to 
> try :).
> Michael / K7HIL

No need to worry about overloading here - the ****** won't send to the UK.

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