[time-nuts] Raven Industries GPS in-line L1 Amplifier

Collins, Graham CollinG at navcanada.ca
Mon Nov 7 07:53:06 EST 2011

As David implies, there is no problem sending to the UK.

I had a look at listing and immediately recognized the seller. He won't send anything to Canada nor I think Alaska or Hawaii.

For some reason he has an issue with anything that appears to involve a bit of extra work. It's his choice and you have to respect that whether you agree or not.

Many sellers inadvertantly list items as "US only" (or UK or whatever). I have found that asking nicely will often get a positive reply.

I have been following David's postings on the GPS puck antennas. I am in the midst of setting up a good outside GPS reference antenna; one the cone shaped types. However, I often wondered how useable some of these other more common antenna types are particularily if I need to feed a receiver over say 25 or 30 feet of coax; hence my interest.

I have a small GPS logger that is about 1 inch by 1 inch by 2 inches in size that has no external antenna and connects to my computer via blue tooth. It is sold for hiker and photographers to log there where abouts. It works very well on the dash of my car and surprisingly will also acquire a number of satellites and produce positions while on a table on the south side of my basement. Certainly not "time nuts" having lots of jitter but interesting in that it will acquire lock.

Cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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> What's the problem in sending to the UK. I've used their products in the
> past.
> Rob Kimberley

Yes, I've bought stuff from all over the world, but this vendor appears 
not to want to sell to the UK (when I try and buy on eBay).  A pity.

I'm trying a different approach to GPS pucks at the moment.  Instead of 
outside on a SSW facing window, I'm trying inside at the top of the loft, 
under the roof.  Theory being that more overhead satellites will be seen, 
which may be what the RX is set for as it's for a time, not position 
usage.  The cable I have has a loss of about 4 dB, so working without a 
pre-amp is not giving too good a signal right now!  Another pre-amp is on 
order, but the eBay one would have been a better box.

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