[time-nuts] Serial to Excel utility

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Nov 7 17:30:55 EST 2011

> You need a way to interface widget X to your computer to get data into
> Excel. You can pick up the phone and order one of these widgets in 15
> minutes,  then, hopefully, spend a half hour or so after it arrives, and
> your  problem is solved.

> Or, you can spend a day thrashing with some sort of Excel macros, or
> finding someone to do some coding, etc.

> $100k/hr -> about $1000/day..   If the $250 widget and an hour meets the
> need, it's a win. 

Good point.  It's probably correct in the right context.

In this particular case, the data source is NMEA which is already csv.  I 
expect it's harder to install and setup a new piece of software than it is to 
do it yourself.  Don't forget that installing software has to fit into your 
backup approach and things like that.

Another approach is to get somebody to help you with the "some coding" step.  
I'm thinking of teaching you how to do it rather than just doing it.  If 
somebody is smart enough to drive Excel, they are probably smart enough to do 
some simple scripting after somebody shows them a good approach and helps 
them get setup.

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