[time-nuts] Unused/Old stock PRS10's available via Timesource 2700

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Thu Nov 10 12:48:33 EST 2011

Hello Time Nuts,

I was interested in acquiring a second PRS10 Rb/OXCO oscillator. I purchased
one of the "Brand New" Symmetricom Timesource 2700 from the popular auction
site. From the time-nuts archive, there is a single message that the TS 2700
contain a PRS10 unit.

The Timesource 2700 purchase @ $650 yielded what appeared to be a boxed Timesource 
2700 unit from 2001. Opening the 2700, there wasn't a speck a dust present in the ]
10 year old unit. Indeed, a PRS10 was inside with a manufacture date in 2001 and a 
firmware of version 3.15 (too old for the TO setting option).

The PRS10 appears to do as well as my 2008 manufactured PRS10 based on the DS error
and resonance levels. While the firmware can't set TO to offset sawtooth nsec
from M12M GPS units, it can synchronize to an external PPS signal.

I hope this report helps those interested in acquiring a PRS10.

Kevin, KR5F

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