[time-nuts] FE-5680A

Jose Camara camaraq1 at quantacorp.com
Thu Nov 10 13:18:27 EST 2011

I don't want to repost, but check
http://www.mail-archive.com/time-nuts@febo.com/msg37731.html. A timenuts
archive search or google will bring up that and many other resources.

If you can afford the extra 1/2W, a simple linear regulator generating the
5V from the 12V will do. If not, use a shielded switcher and filter it well.

There seems to be different pinouts for different FE-5680A part numbers,


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I did purchase one of the "New"  FE-5680A Rb's. Looking at packaging  and 
the housing it does look new. I have not powered it up because of +5  Volt
pin 4. Does any one know its purpose and is there a power up  sequence. Any 
help will be appreciated.
Bert Kehren  Miami
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