[time-nuts] GPIB Help?

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 14 02:32:00 EST 2011

Hi Chuck,
Check the archive for "CIL/MATE" Some of these counters used a non standard militarty ATE protocol. There may be an internal switch/link/jumper to change to GPIB.
Robert G8RPI.

From: Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R <caf at omen.com>
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Subject: [time-nuts] GPIB Help?

I have been working on reading data from my Racal-Dana 1992 counter's GPIB.
I've set the address to 7 and turned on talk only.  According to the manual that
will start sending data from address 15.

I have installed gpib on an old computer running Fedora 16.  The GPIB board is a
ISA bus National Instruments GPIB board.  linux GPIB /etc/gpib.conf:

interface {
        minor = 0
        board_type = "pcIIa"
        pad = 0
        sad = 0
        timeout = T3s

        eos = 0x0a
        set-reos = yes
        set-bin = no

        base = 0x2e1
        irq  = 7
        dma  = 1

        master = yes

/* Now the device sections define the device characteristics for each device.
* These are only used if you want to open the device using ibfind() (instead
* of ibdev() )

device {
        minor = 0
        name = "counter"
        pad = 7
        sad = 0

Program to read and display the readings.

#define LL 132
char line[LL];

main(argc, argv)
        while (1) {
                Receive (0, 15, line, LL, 1);
                puts (line);

The program prints a blank line every few seconds.
No frequency readings.

What am I doing wrong??

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