[time-nuts] FS Quantity 5 Takeda Riken TR5821 Frequency Counters

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Tue Nov 15 20:02:29 EST 2011

After a lifetime of collecting and hoarding I'm finally snowed under and  
virtually unable to move, so I'm starting to have a long overdue major  clear 
out of surplus test gear and radio equipment.
Some is fully working and some definitely of "project" status and, if  
nobody has any objections, I would like to offer some of the time/frequency  
related items to other time-nuts before taking the usual route of heading  for 
Whilst it would be nice to minimise some of my losses the driving force is  
a desperate need to clear some space, so hopefully I can offer some  good 
deals along the way.
This first offer is for five Takeda Riken TR5821 frequency  counters, 
offered as one lot, that came from a company closure  a couple of years ago and 
comes more into the "project"  category.
Four are in need of a very good clean up, including removing some Biro  
marks on some front panels, and three at least of those need some new  
switches, similar to the classic Racal 1991/92 problem but at least in this case  no 
more than six switches to deal with. One has a piece of cracked plastic  
adjacent to the input B socket but a squirt of superglue or polystyrene cement 
 should fix that.
The fifth is cleaner and, when recently tested anyway, fully  functional.
Internally all are  in excellent condition and I see no reason why all  
should not clean up well and be fully functional if the faulty switches are  
Photos are on Photobucket, showing each counter in its own folder by  
serial number....
I'm asking £50 for all five, including delivery to a UK mainland  address, 
sorry but won't ship outside the UK on this one because of the weight,  and 
other UK addresses might involve extra delivery costs.
Please contact me off list if interested, on a very much "first come first  
served" basis.
A good quality scan of the manual is available for download, details of  
that to follow.

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