[time-nuts] iPhone keeping better time?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 12:28:59 EST 2011

> Apple run their own NTP servers and ship their Macs configured to use 
> them
> to sync time.

Last time I looked those servers were either not working, or very broken! 
Apple should use the pool rather than create single poinst of failure.

> I believe the Mac NTP client is shipped with a very large maximum 
> polling
> interval. Try reducing it.

In which case they are not running the reference implementation, as the 
polling interval should automatically adjust to suit the need, and not 
normally require the user to fiddle with the settings.

> Also, ntpd does not work well on machines that are often suspended. I
> don't know if Apple have done anything to fix that.
> Tony.

NTPD might not "work well", but it should lead to tens of seconds of 
error.  My observation is that there is no time syncing on the iPad2, at 
least in the UK.  Very poor.

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