[time-nuts] Racal-Dana 1992 Startup -- GPIB!

Robert Atkinson robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 16 13:02:16 EST 2011

Hi Chuck,
You need to look at the option sticker on the back of the unit. The 04* is the oscillator option. 

04T is a TCXO 3x10^7 per month & temp1x10^6 0-40 deg C

04A Ovened oscillator 3x10^9 per Day & temp3x10^9 0-45 deg 

04E High stability ovened oscillator 5x10^10 per day & temp7x10^9 0-50 deg C
No 04* is basic crystal oscillator. If yours has a mechanical and electrical trim it will be a 04A or 04E.

Robert G8RPI.

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Subject: [time-nuts] Racal-Dana 1992 Startup -- GPIB!

I found a use for the GPIB interface on my counter - record
the frequency drift of its internal timebase during warm up.
It looks like an oven warming up.  I don't know exactly which
timebase my 1992 has, but I did notice the 5 to 10 MHz doubler
on the back of the oscillator,  The back has separate coarse
and fine frequency adjustments.  Can someone identify which
timebase is fitted to this counter?

The link below has the story and plot.


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