[time-nuts] Racal-Dana 1992 Startup -- GPIB!

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Wed Nov 16 17:46:24 EST 2011

On 11/16/2011 11:56 AM, Robert Atkinson wrote:
> These counters used Racal's own 94xx series OCXO's. The 04A normally had a 9442, the 04E had the 9420. Easy way to tell which is which is the size. They are both 51mm (2") square with the 9442 being 51mm tall and the 9420 is 96mm (3.75") tall. The 9442 is also classed as fast warm-up, 6 minutes to 3x10^7.
Robert, all the 1992s on the US are pretty much ex-US military ones from 
the same contract, and all Opt 02M/04E;  all these were fitted with a 
9462 OCXO which is between the 9420 and 9442 in size but I suspect very 
similar or superior to the 9420 in performance.  These are the commonly 
seen ones with the two adjustments, fine and coarse, visible at the 
back.  I have seen dozens of these but have never seen one here in the 
US with a 9420 fitted.

The 9462 is a very good Oven as I said before, but not a lot of inside 
information for it is to be found :^)  Having had a few 9442-12s die on 
me I did trace out the circuit of those, but that is the only kind, so 
far.  Touch wood.


ac6ao / g3ncr

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