[time-nuts] FS Z3801A

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Nov 18 22:57:09 EST 2011

> I have a Z3801A for sale.

> 38-36 Volts.
I assume that's a typo for 38-60 which is the normal 48 V setup. (rather than 
the 24 V version)

> Is anyone interested before I put the unit on Ebay?
> Can someone help me with pricing.?

There are two on ebay right now.  One for $1000 and another for $500.  The 
latter includes power supply and antenna.

A year ago, I got one on ebay for $250.

There are 3 Trimble Thunderbolt's listed on ebay: $110 and 2 at $253.28 ($259 

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