[time-nuts] Those pesky Neutrinos again...

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sun Nov 20 17:50:49 EST 2011

On 11/20/2011 11:10 PM, Justin Pinnix wrote:
> I'm no physicist, but is it possible that the speed of light is faster than
> we thought it is?  Space isn't a perfect vaccum, and we know neutrinos are
> less affected by "stuff" than photons.  Maybe they travel closer to c than
> the actual photons we have been able to measure...

The speed of light is the speed of photons. For all we know we have 
pinned down the speed of light fairly well, and a deviation of 25 ppm or 
so would have been noticed.

The speed of "normal matter" (electrons, quarks, etc), all being 
particles of charge and thus interacting with photons also seems to obey 
the speed of photons, and then the laws of relativity surely applies.

The speed of neutrinos might be higher than photons, and current 
measures seems to indicate a slightly higher speed, but then again 
neutrinos does not interact with photons. Possibly this has a deeper 
meaning. It might be that the laws of relativity is relevant within that 
force-carrier system, but not outside it. This doesn't really shakes the 
laws of relativity in its grounds, it just defines a slightly different 
box within the laws applies.

Recall, physics advances with unexplained observations. Either it can be 
explained within the existing system and everybody is happy about that, 
or new core theories needs to be developed. Neutrinos has been hard to 
do qualitative measures on and looking at the OPERA, MINOS and T2K 
experiments indicates that there is indeed not small efforts.

Now, regardless if photons and neutrinos has the same speed or not, it 
becomes interesting to ask what makes them have the speed they have. If 
it differs, why is the photons slower than neutrinos? Is there in fact 
some underlying subtle force acting on them?

If we think we don't quite understand neutrinos, do we really understand 
photons? Their particle/wave duality is indeed strange and just taken 
for granted now, but it is really not explained.

This little micro-cosmos may have familiar names by now, but even with 
vibrating strings, membranes and other esoterical stuff, we just don't 
really understand it very well, we just have a bunch of theories.


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