[time-nuts] Those pesky Neutrinos again...

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Nov 20 17:57:23 EST 2011

> Perhaps if enough funding can be obtained repeating the measurments between
> three or more stations (with diferent distances between them but similar
> equipment at each site) might eleminate some of the ambiguity.  Being able
> to compare the measurements over two or more paths of different lengths
> would seem usefull to me.   

There are at least two other groups that have already done similar work.  One 
from Fermilab (Chicago) to northern Minnesota and another in Japan.  I'm sure 
that they are both working on repeating the experiment.




One of the reasons for publishing a paper like this is to give your friends 
at other organizations help in getting funding to run their experiments that 
will verify your work.

It's an interesting gamble.  If you are wrong, their experiment will splatter 
mud on your face/CV.  If you are right, you get a good chance at a Nobel 
prize and they get lots of good publicity for being first to verify your work.

As I see it, the main reason that this experiment is so interesting is that a lot of very very very good work has already been done with GPS and it all agrees with current theories.  (Of course, maybe all I hear about is the good stuff and there is lots of "interesting" discussion going on where I don't see it.)

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