[time-nuts] Symmetricom 2700 Time Source

Frederick Bray fwbray at mminternet.com
Mon Nov 21 12:31:43 EST 2011


Thanks for all the information re: the internal wiring.

It sounds like the 1 PPS output that was tested must be somewhere on the 
board, even if it isn't used.  In looking at the test data, it appears 
that the boards were tested before final assembly.  I am inferring this 
from the fact that the test data seems to bear different dates for the 
different assemblies.

I wonder whether there is anyone on the list with good connections to 
Symmetricom?  It would be extremely helpful to get a service manual or 
equivalent information.  As this is a discontinued unit, perhaps 
Symmetricom could be persuaded to release more information?

Fred Bray

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