[time-nuts] The GPS velocity of light versus neutrinos

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Mon Nov 21 14:57:47 EST 2011

Hi Bill:

Are they using GPS directly, or to discipline a high quality oscillator, say a Cs?  Since it's frequency is spot on then 
all the GPS is doing is setting the edge of the 1 PPS.  The difference between the Cs 1 PPS and GPS 1 PPS can be 
measured over a day or more to see what it looks like.  I would expect that to be excellent.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke

Bill Hawkins wrote:
> A good friend, who has written a lot of excellent real-time software,
> maintains that that it is impossible to find all of the systematic
> errors in something as complex as the GPS system. The error is small,
> 60 ns in 2.4 ms, about 3 E-5, for OPERA or 8 E-5 for MINOS.
> Has anyone measured the speed of light with GPS clocks in the same
> way that neutrinos are measured - say between mountain tops?
> Another way would be to get a common view light flash from a
> magnesium flare on a high altitude rocket.
> There's a lot at stake here. Many physicists will prematurely wear
> out their brains looking for the answer.
> Bill Hawkins
> bill at iaxs.net (already on all the spam lists)
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