[time-nuts] Build this network or the dog dies!

mike cook michael.cook at sfr.fr
Tue Nov 22 01:44:16 EST 2011

Le 22/11/2011 01:28, Joe Leikhim a écrit :
> Fear Uncertainty and Doubt from "Wireless For America dot Org" (AKA
> Lightsquared) . "Approved by Republican and Democratic Regulators."
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyyDIk8W6Kw
Local wireless networks are already in use here in France to cover areas 
where ADSL doesn't reach. One of my friends was hooked up recently and 
says performance is very good. IIRC it's in the 3,5GHz band so no danger 
to GPS.  Doesn't cost any more than a wire link either.

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