[time-nuts] A Rb with 2e-15 /day aging rate

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 22 17:00:48 EST 2011

To TBolt nuts

A Tbolt that has been modified to use an external 10 MHz osc is all that is 
needed to be able to measure freq and aging of an Rb osc to better than 
1e-14 using a week long test run.
Attached is a plot showing a recent 13 day long LPRO Rb test I did.
This modified LPRO showed an unbelievable average ageing rate of only 
2e-15/day over the first 12 days.
Of course anytime you get much below 1e-13 for a non Cs osc, it has some 
luck evolved.
But still interesting that using ONLY a Tbolt and LadyHeather one is able to 
measure freq that accurately.
(Can do even better using Dual Tbolts. Used to cancel the shorter term GPS 
phase noise)


I know this is pretty boring stuff compared to all the neutrino speed and 
Lightsquared OT subjects,
but I'll include it anyway because this is after all a Time and Freq forum, 
or at least it use to be, and a few have asked me how to use a TBolt to test 
their Rb.

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