[time-nuts] iPhone keeping better time?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 02:12:30 EST 2011

From: "Doug Calvert" <>
> It is still the reference implementation just with different defaults. I
> also think the minpoll is ridiculously high. If you add your own servers
> / config directives below the line that the GUI adds to
> /private/etc/ntp.conf things work fine. I had autokey working on one up
> until the most recent autokey change.

Pedantically, still the reference implementation, but outside the spirit 
and best practice which has evolved over the years.  It seems that neither 
the iPhone not the iPad run anything resembling the reference 
implementation.  At least with iOS 5.0.1 my iPad is "only" 1.259 seconds 
off, rather than the minutes it was before - making it useless for 
satellite passes!

Thanks for your information.

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