[time-nuts] Symmetricom TimeSource 2700

Robert Deliën Robert at delien.nl
Wed Nov 23 16:40:33 EST 2011

> The TS2500 was a very similar unit that received its timing signals from GPS.  I assume they were built on the same case, hence the spare chassis hole (and perhaps also some features in BTMon that are not used by the TS2700).

I'm sorry to butt in here, but could you please tell me: Does a TS2500 have an internal PRS-10 too? I've just bought a TS2700 on fleaBay to harvest the PRS-10 from it, as it is pretty useless here in Europe without CDMA network. But a TS2500 may probably do what I had in mind for the PRS-10: To discipline it with a Resolution-T GPS receiver and to use it as a frequency standard for my measurement interface and as a time Stratum 1 time source to my network (with a still-to-purchase NTP server).



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