[time-nuts] Using Thyme for Stuffed Mushrooms

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Happy thanksgiving bill

- eric

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On Nov 24, 2011, at 8:55 PM, "Bill Hawkins" <bill at iaxs.net> wrote:

> Stuffed mushrooms are a fine holiday treat. Begin with a box of baby
> Portabella (Crimini) mushrooms. You know, the ones that start out as
> spores in a soil of horse manure and hay in a dark, moist limestone
> cave.
> The young mushrooms dream of becoming large, but one day the cave is
> filled with light and men with sharp knives cut them off at the knees.
> That's what you buy at the store. Clean out the stems and the gills to
> make room for the stuffing. For ten 5 cm mushrooms, you need 15 to 20
> cm of a medium carrot and a stalk of celery, finely chopped. Include
> some onion if you like; the mushrooms are beyond caring.
> Sautee them with a clove of finely chopped garlic and add a pinch or
> two of dried thyme. Cool, then blend with Panko bread crumbs and 
> shredded Parmesan to taste. Stuff the mushrooms and bake at 165 C
> for 10 minutes, then 3 minutes under the broiler.
> Make time to enjoy the product with a suitable wine. This is really a
> great use of your thyme.
> Oh, wait - this isn't the thyme-nuts list.
> Never mind.
> Bill Hawkins
> The above was intended to entertain. Please don't be offended.
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