[time-nuts] RTC-62421A and GPS

Joe Leikhim JLeikhim at Leikhim.com
Fri Nov 25 12:31:49 EST 2011

I have a standalone device which uses the EPSON RTC-62421A real time 
clock.  Can anyone suggest a way to synch this RTC to GPS or better yet 
accept time data from a GPS such as a DATUM ET9390-6000.  Is there a 
"drop in" replacement for the RTC that will provide an interface?

The device is  TAPR TRAKBOX for satellite tracking. Presently time is 
set manually via terminal mode on this device.

Joe Leikhim

Leikhim and Associates
Communications Consultants
Oviedo, Florida


JLeikhim at Leikhim.com


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