[time-nuts] PC time app

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 01:24:23 EST 2011

> I'm curious as to what folks are doing with PC's that require micro 
> second
> accuracy for days or weeks or what have you.
> Any examples?
> Curious,
> Steve

I hear of folks measuring time delay of off-air radio signals, where 
millisecond accuracy is required.  Data from multiple receivers in 
multiple locations is compared.  You need good accuracy for geolocating 
weather satellite data - one second timing error can result in a 7 km 
location error, so orbit prediction accuracy comes into that as well.

It's a similar requirement when pointing a narrow beamwidth antenna at a 
distant satellite - note that they had to add a wider beamwidth antenna to 
one of the ESA dishes trying to talk to the Phobos-Grunt probe recently.

Milliseconds suits me, though.

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