[time-nuts] Help with TCXO

Michael Malloy mechano at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 19:23:26 EST 2011

Ok great thank you very much I will go get some 74HC14 today if possible
and replace them, I will also upload a schematic, and a smaller picture

i tried running on a bread board with a 4000 CMOS CD40106
the output looked like a square wave through a diode to LP filter not
good, like spikes
not what I want I suspect something to do with the 4000 CMOS circuitry??
4000 CMOS is good because you can do cool stuff with it as it will
work up to 15 volts or maybe more
great for hybrid analog and digital designs, especially for audio
applications, you can use 4000 CMOS
to build very good VCO, but low frequencies.. if you would like a
circuit for that
I can give you this also if interested? I have about 6 different
design for VCO using hybrid design like this?

off topic I am also building a VHDL/FPGA time interval counter, I will
be happy to share the code and the schematics if your interested
the FPGA is great fast, and I can do all the pre scaling and down
converting within the hardware. concurrently as you know
downside FPGA are expensive for what they are.

the TI logic design guidelines said specifically that 4000 cmos is
good for low frequencies sub 1MHZ
for anything above different logic families.

I will get back to you all later with schematic and pictures
thanks again for all your help.

let me know if you want schematics for my other designs

also forgive my ignorance and don't judge me but what is a "line-receiver"
never heard of this is this jargon, I am australian, or is this just
my ignorance
remember I am a newbie to time and frequency but I am fascinated

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 10:23 PM, ehydra <ehydra at arcor.de> wrote:
> A 50K picture should fit the problem.
> I successfully use 4000 series for amplifying a 5MHz PSK signal. The HEF4x
> is a little faster than HCFx.
> Or use a line-receiver if the oscillators is not buffered internal.
> - Henry
> Michael Malloy schrieb:
>> its a shame i cannot post the picture i took is there any way to be
>> able to send my oscilloscope picture its 800k thats the problem
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> ehydra.dyndns.info
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