[time-nuts] Line Voltage frequency Interface morphed to batteries

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If you look at the frequency dependence of the 'fibrillation threshold' (the
minimum energy needed to induce ventricular fibrillation), it turns out that
60 Hz is just about optimum.


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> Another pathological example is the implanted pacemaker.  How much
> voltage does it use.  I bet way less then what's inside a 9V battery.
> But the location and the firm contact it makes means very little
> voltage is required.

Maybe. I'd guess a 5-40 V pulse.

The 48V "battery" in  POTS phone systems can kill, I believe, especially
if the person's hands are wet and salty.

> One of the odd things about humans is that compared to other animals
> we are very tolerant of electrocution.

The resistance of dry skin limits the current greatly.



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