[time-nuts] Unplug T-bolt before booting up...??

David VanHorn D.VanHorn at elec-solutions.com
Tue Nov 29 12:53:25 EST 2011

That sure sounds like "Psychomouse".. 

I've never seen it happen except on USB serial ports. Apparently when they enumerate, windows tries to figure out what sort of device might be connected beyond the port, makes the wrong diagnosis, and all hell breaks loose.

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> Hello, TimeNutters--
> I have heard of the problem of needing to unplug
> a T-bolt before booting up the (Windows) computer
> but I have never seen that problem myself.  I have
> had a T-bolt running on several different desktops
> and laptops and never experienced it.  I do recall
> that there was a fix for this problem but have no
> idea what it is.
> Mike Baker


There is a note here which may help fix your Windows detecting a new
"Microsoft Serial Ball Point Mouse"


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