[time-nuts] Determining Time-Nut infection severity.

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Nov 30 14:15:29 EST 2011

> A time code generator is included in the NTP distribution.  By default it is
> not built.   I think it is a .C file that likes in a directory called
> "test".  This software is designed for testing time code receivers 

The one I know about is util/tg2.c

>From the top of the code:

 * This program can generate audio signals that simulate the WWV/H
 * broadcast timecode. Alternatively, it can generate the IRIG-B
 * timecode commonly used to synchronize laboratory equipment. It is
 * intended to test the WWV/H driver (refclock_wwv.c) and the IRIG
 * driver (refclock_irig.c) in the NTP driver collection.

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