[time-nuts] Line Voltage frequency Interface morphed to batteries

Peter Gottlieb nerd at verizon.net
Wed Nov 30 22:19:31 EST 2011

On 11/30/2011 3:06 PM, Hal Murray wrote:
>> I hooked up a 47k resistor from line to the 50 ohm input of my 5334B and it
>> "just worked."
> That's something I wouldn't do.  It's too easy to forget to push the 50 ohm
> button.  I might do it if I had a handy 50 ohm terminator built into a BNC
> pass through.  That would be easy to verify with a quick glance.
The unit is specified to be able to handle 200 volts DC + peak AC on the input 
in high impedance mode either X1 or X10.

I just tried it and it has no problem with it.

>>   I am watching the 60 Hz drift all around as I type this (although not all
>> that far, seems to be holding within 0.01 Hz tonight).
> I'm surprised you are that close.  How long have you been watching?
A couple of hours.

> I think 0.1 Hz (low) is where the US power companies have to file paperwork
> so they try (very) hard to avoid getting that low.
> Here is what I saw.  Each data point is averaging over 10 seconds.
>    http://www.megapathdsl.net/~hmurray/time-nuts/60Hz/60Hz-Jul11-12-freq.png

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