[time-nuts] HP 5065a Rb ref update and question on time scale

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Sat Oct 1 17:39:29 EDT 2011

How does an HP 117A "create either one"? It's a VLF Receiver that compares
your local standard to WWVB, then as now.



> Anyone doing precision time or frequency back then faced a
> real problem: which second do you use? The legal one or the
> stable one? Various hp products like the 117A or 5061A and
> 5065A were designed to create either one, depending on the
> customer needs.
> By 1972 the problem of different kinds of seconds and randomly
> announced changes in the length of the second became such a
> nuisance that an alternative solution was implemented. That was,
> to make the atomic second the legal second, but keep atomic time
> roughly in sync with the planet through the randomly announced
> use of a "leap second".
> /tvb
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