[time-nuts] OT: New BVAs in the house

Paul A. Cianciolo paulc at snet.net
Tue Oct 4 18:54:48 EDT 2011

I have been using your TimeLab for a while now.
Here is what I do.  The 10 MHz ref go into start and the dut 10 MHz goes
into stop, both terminated in 50 ohms.
I use the I PPS out of the 3801 to Arm the 5370b, so I assume the sample
rate to TL is 1 PPS.  I am set to "use in coming sample rate"

What I would like to know is .. Can I use TL to make my phase corrections to
the DUT before commencing a trace?
at 10 samples per sec I use the" phase original" which is moving fairly fast
to try to obtain a flat line across the screen.
Is this a reasonable way to do this?  Is there another way within TL?

Otherwise I have to take the system apart and run both sources thru the
Spectracom Dividers to 5 MHz min.  Adjust the phase meter (it only accepts
up to 5 MHz) and put things back together. 
I built a divider network from .1% resistors so that that I now only need
200 ohms (OF THE 5 k POT) external to the oscillator to set the EFC.
All the resistors are in contact with the Osc. housing which is buried in
center of a 6" x 6"x 6"  cube of insulation board.  I have about r20 to the
outside world.

The EFC voltage is 3.9101 volts +/-   .0001volts

Still I  see some pretty big phase changes over the course of a few hours.
Anyway I am rambling
Is there a meter or phase scope in TL that I am missing?

Paul A. Cianciolo
Our business computer network is  powered exclusively by solar and wind
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