[time-nuts] 2 (Spoofing)

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Wed Oct 5 11:02:22 EDT 2011

At 07:09 AM 10/5/2011, John Ackermann   N8UR wrote:
>The mailing list system resends messages rather than just relaying 
>them.  List messages won't show details of the originating sender path.

Really?  It appears to me that your message was sent from through a dsl line 
(h69-128-27-124.stjmmi.dsl.dynamic.tds.net) at

> > on the messages I send through time-nuts don't have my IP listed as
> > originating... or listed at all.  The header information I find in the

And for Chuck, it appears that his email came from 
through a Verizon FIOS connection 
(pool-173-73-20-237.washdc.fios.verizon.net) at

Or am I missing something here?

newell  N5TNL 

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