[time-nuts] HP5370 and TI measurements of HP5061

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 15:56:55 EDT 2011

Hello to the group.
Well after reading the discussions on using TI to measure frequency offsets
I finally used it for the first time today.
In this case a HP 5065 aligned to GPS manually and the poor old 5061 I have
been recovering.

Traditionally I used a scope sweep of 5 ns/div and then timed the drift and
direction with a stop watch.
Well as you can guess more then once I missed the 5 ns crossing. (Not that
it really mattered)

Now I can appreciate the 5370 approach and see why a GPIB interface would
work well to accumulate drift and time.
Simply trigger the systems and stop watch see what ever the starting ns
offset is. Let it run for some time note the new offset.
Subtract them and divide by time. Sweet as they say.

Now its simply a shame that the 5061s not all that good. really on the edge
of useful in fact it actually isn't.

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