[time-nuts] [Solved] Looking for multiple PPS timestamp logging

Kevin Rosenberg kevin at rosenberg.net
Wed Oct 5 16:20:59 EDT 2011

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the thought. I forgot about my Dataq DI-720 which can do 
14-bit ADC. However, I'll need to spend more time looking at their
acquisition software.

I haven't seen a way to have WinDaq/Pro output an ASCII log file, though
the software sheet talks about streaming disk files, it appears to be
their proprietary format. BTW, I have an open-source program called
wdq2wav to convert WinDaq files to .wav files @ http://wdq2wav.b9.com/

I haven't found a simple C API for the unit to allow me to write my 
own logging program for the DI-720.

But, you have a good idea. I should give Dataq a call and find out
what options I have for simple, continuous ASCII logging output.


On Oct 4, 2011, at 9:40 AM, Jim Lux wrote:

> On 10/4/11 8:03 AM, Kevin Rosenberg wrote:
>> So, if you know of any simple ADC to UART firmwares available, that'd
>> be great so he can just reference someone else's code. The picPET
>> is a perfect device at the perfect time. But, we can't rely on tvb
>> to come up with a 'picADC' at a similarly serendipitous time.
> http://www.dataq.com/products/startkit/di145.html
> $29, 4 channel 10 bit ADC with USB  interface
> You'll need to cobble up a sensor, of course, and I don't know if the resolution of the di145 is good enough (20mV/LSB as I recall) for a LM335 (10mV/Kelvin?).  One thing you get with cheap is a +/- 10V full scale range.
> A thermistor and resistor into the DATAQ might work better.
> Maxim/Dallas One-Wire devices are another possibility  There's tons of PIC code out there to interface to them.  The sensors are cheap (few bucks, depending on whether you buy raw device, or you get one potted with a cable)  Sparkfun.com has them, among other places.
> There's also a whole raft of USB temperature loggers out there from Onset (HOBO) or DataQ or a variety of other companies.  They tend to run in the $80 range  (if someone knows about a battery powered temperature logger in the under $25 range, I'd love to hear about it)
> And, of course, a DMM with a RS-232 interface is another possibility
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