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Maintainable is a tough call on a lot of stuff. You might do better to shop
for a counter in the $30 to 50 range and plan on buying 2 or 3. There are a
lot of people selling printed manuals for the price of a counter ...

Quick check of $30 to $50 shows:


Fluke 1952
Fluke 1953

above the $50 limit but below $100


Others that *should* be below $50


All have their quirks and issues. I'd simply troll the auctions and plan on
placing a number of low bids. In a month or two you should be able to get
what you need cheap. I would shop price rather than a specific model, since
there are a lot of boxes that will do what you need to do. 


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I would like to get a counter that
     a) has 10 MHz clock input
     b) counts directly to 30 MHz (50 or 145 preferred)

I would like it to be maintainable and well under $100
including shipping.

I have seen Fluke 1953a counters advertised on Ebay.
Is this a good choice or would something else be better?

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