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Thu Oct 6 13:13:25 EDT 2011

> I was hoping for something which worked at least into the audio range.
Have you considered an external, USB sound card, modified for DC operation?

Off Subject: but On Topic for Time-Nuts and Volt-Nuts.
For the TPLL2.0, I'm using a $5 (US), external USB sound card, modified to 
accept inputs down to DC.
It has 16 bits, 2 channels, DC to 100K sps, internal 21KHz anti-aliasing 
And thanks to a great interface program from John Miles called "Wave 
You can oversample, Low pass filter, and do data averaging for integration 
on the high speed raw data to reduce the output rate to any desired speed.
This is most useful to reduce ASCII log file size to any desired length over 
any selected log time period.

AND Best of all, John Miles' "Time Lab" will take the data directly and give 
REAL TIME and LIVE plots of ADEV, Phase and Freq differences.
I think anyone that has used "TimeLab's" LIVE plotting capability will agree 
that it is one of the most useful S/W nut tools out there.
Attached is a TimeLab plot with Tau down to 0.1ms where you can see the 
effect of the LPRO's internal disciplined loop on it's noise.


[time-nuts] [Solved] Looking for multiple PPS timestamp logging

>> Looks like a nice device. I do like continuous monitoring!
>> From the datasheet:
>> "The interval between measurements can be configured
>> by link selection to be in the range 80ms to 5 minutes."
>> Kevin
>Oh, how incompetent of me to have missed that!  I was
> looking for the spec on the Web page.  A pity, as I was
> hoping for something which worked at least into the audio range.
>Thanks, Kevin.
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