[time-nuts] multi input counter

John Miles jmiles at pop.net
Thu Oct 6 22:16:01 EDT 2011

> For a handy list of cheap fpga boards:
> http://tristesse.org/CheapFPGADevelopmentBoards
> I notice he's recently added the SOIO to the list. I've had my eye on that
> board as well for a while. If all you want is say 20 odd counters as you
> mentioned, then that even fits in the cheapest spartan-6 LX4 board. That
> board I would personally get for integration purposes, not development.
> the latter the connectors etc are a little sparse. But once you're done
> don't need all the switches and leds then it's quite nice for the price
> For the bigger boards I'd say the nexys 2 (spartan-3E based) or nexys 3
> (spartan-6 based) are good value for money. I have the atlys + nexys 2,
> currently both are being hogged for counter related things. ;)

The Nexys2 is great - it has the I/O support you'd need for this
application, and not a lot of other expensive peripherals that you don't.
I've prototyped some pretty hardcore stuff with it.

They include full schematics in their manual.

-- john

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