[time-nuts] the care and feeding of LPRO's

Eric Garner garnere at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 11:24:19 EDT 2011

Up to this point in my Nuttery I've been messing around with various
GPSDOs. I just bought an LPRO off of Ebay. It hasn't arrived yet but I
wanted to start getting it ready to hookup and play with. I have
several questions that I couldn't find answers to in the archives.

1. has any work been done on optimal power supply design to run these
beasties? I'm initially going to run it off of my (very quiet) bench
supply but long term I would like to put it in a nice box with it's
own supply. how much does power supply noise affect long term
2. what sort of thermal tricks can I do to optimize performance (keep
away from drafts or add thermal mass)
3. any other tricks?


Eric Garner

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