[time-nuts] the care and feeding of LPRO's

John Lofgren jlofgren at lsr.com
Fri Oct 7 14:30:49 EDT 2011

>fortunately, everything in the "lab"(basement) is on UPSs so in theory
>the input voltages to the equipment should be pretty constant and I
>was already planning on using a linear supply.

Be careful, there.  Most consumer type UPSs are not line regulators.  When there is sufficiently high line voltage they are completely out of the circuit and the line voltage is passed through to the output unaffected.  They're usually not designed for continuous operation of the inverter circuit.  There was a more in-depth discussion of this a while back in a thread about running 50 / 60 Hz clocks from a locked frequency source.

One possibility, though, would be a ferroresonant line regulator, like a Sola transformer.  If you can tolerate the acoustic noise and the high power dissipation they will do a somewhat decent job of reducing line fluctuations.  IIRC the output is also not necessarily a sine wave (depends on the design).


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