[time-nuts] Lucent RFTG-m-XO GPSDO

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Peter, do you have the software for this unit?  The GPS antenna is supposed  
to draw apx. 20 mA at 5 volts in order for the NO GPS LED to turn off.  AT&T  
(Lucent) used the MicroPulse timing antenna (later sold and now provided by  
PCTE).  You are correct in that Efratom used the Motorola UT+ 8 channel GPS  
receiver on these units.  The rubidium companion box used the data from the  
same receiver (via an interconnect cable between the two units).  Let me  
know if you have questions on this unit, Regards, Doug....  

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I have been playing with one of these units, and noticed that there
has been some discussion on them before on this list, so I wondered if
anyone might have any suggestions.

Basically, the unit powers up correctly, but the "No GPS" LED never
goes off - this obviously could be because it's broken or doesn't like
my antenna, but with some of these telecom GPSDOs you have to manually
trigger a site survey if you move them to another location. Does
anyone know if this Lucent box is like that?

Everything else seems to be working - once the "OK" light comes on the
15MHz output is enbled, the "No GPS" LED goes from solid to blinking
if you disconnect the antenna - it just doesn't want to get GPS lock.

I suppose I could pull the Oncore board (a UT+ according to the label)
out of it and test that on it's own - but I thiought I would see if
maybe it's a known issue first.

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