[time-nuts] Measuring short term stability minus linear drift

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Oct 8 18:27:56 EDT 2011

> I find that at JPL (and I assume others have found this too) that we'll  go
> off and reinvent the wheel (maybe because we're working in parallel
> ignorance) for something.

I remember a story from many years ago.  I think the context was chemical 
rather than electronics.

The idea was that if the experiment cost less than $X, it was cheaper to do 
the experiment (again?) rather than do the literature search.  I think X was 
50K.  It was surprisingly big to me at the time.

> There's also the classic gap between the groups doing theoretical work in
> one building and groups building and testing hardware in another building
> 1000 meters away, and the two groups never have time to meet, and in some
> cases, may not even be aware of the other's existence

Eating lunch in the same cafeteria can help a lot.

Another story from many years ago...

If you are setting up a research group, put the labs where people will work 
in on the opposite side of the building from their offices.  The idea is that 
people will bump into other people while walking between their lab and office.

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