[time-nuts] Could someone please recommend GPIB card

John Allen john at pcsupportsolutions.com
Sun Oct 9 20:16:32 EDT 2011

>USB can be a pain if you have several, how do you ensure they pop up 
>with the same identity? Serial port adapters have that issue. Not aware 
>that there is a general solution to it. For USB at least there is a scan 
>order to assist, and USB doesn't hurt as the ISA did.


About Windows -
If the USB adapters show as drive letters, Disk Management in Win 2K /XP / Vista
(ugh) / Win 7 can assign sticky drive letters to them.  (Right click on My
Computer, Select Manage, double click on disk management...)

But if they are USB HID (Human I/F Devices)
There is no drive association.  I have no HID expertise.

John K1AE

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