[time-nuts] the end of light bulbs as we know it was Re: Safe power-up. was (Solartron 7075 ...)

Gerald Molenkamp geraldm at COMMTELNS.COM
Tue Oct 11 20:28:47 EDT 2011

Hi All,

Sorry Tom, worth a mention.

I replaced all of my down lights after my Kids wanted us to contribute
to lowering our carbon footprint. On the positive side, moving to LEDs
will provide savings around $107/year in electricity charges.

Now to the negative part , noise floor from around 21MHz to well over
500MHz raised to a signal strength 5 to 6 across mid to upper HF / lower
VHF to upper UHF with them switched on, otherwise my noise floor is

Lower VHF  to UHF SSB/FM low level signal work is now not possible when
LEDs are on, mostly at night when we enjoy the hobby.

The net effect of dirty LED lighting has long term issues with sensitive




There is one angle that was not covered, but which is relevant (at least
to those of us using any LF or HF time receivers).

Over the weekend I bought my first LED bulb.  It was on sale and I
wanted to see how it worked.  On the package it gave a warning that it
could interfere with HF communications in the 0.45 - 30 MHz range and to
not install it near any maritime emergency communications equipment.


On 10/11/2011 6:56 PM, Tom Van Baak wrote:
> This thread is wonderful, nostalgic, technical, futuristic, and 
> appropriate for someone's list. But not time-nuts. Please stop it now.

> Don't reply.
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