[time-nuts] GPSDO recommendation

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Oct 12 01:37:50 EDT 2011

> I have been using Rb oscillators as my standard for a while but would like
> to be  able to have both a frequency as well as time standard which is
> synchronized to  something outside my lab.  I would like to have: 

> Frequency stability at least as good as the Rb osc Time server which can be
> accessed on my network 12 or 24 volt DC operation for easy power backup Cost
> ideally $200 or less

A Z3801A runs off 48V.  Some are 24V.  I doubt if you will find one for $200. 
 EBay has one for $500 and another for $1000.

A Trimble Thunderbolt needs +12, +5, and +12.  EBay has one for $110 and 2 
more for $250.

In both cases, round up for an antenna.

> I am willing to do some building and gathering to implement this, including
> setting up a computer.  The time server need only last as long as the
> computer  is up in a power outage, although I would keep the base receiver/
> osc running for  an extended period. 

Neither the Z3801A nor the TBolt are setup to power the oven while the reset 
of the setup is powered down.

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