[time-nuts] the end of light bulbs as we know it was Re: Safe power-up. was (Solartron 7075 ...)

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Wed Oct 12 01:37:38 EDT 2011

> Now to the negative part , noise floor from around 21MHz to well over 500MHz
> raised to a signal strength 5 to 6 across mid to upper HF / lower VHF to
> upper UHF with them switched on, otherwise my noise floor is Zero.

> Lower VHF  to UHF SSB/FM low level signal work is now not possible when LEDs
> are on, mostly at night when we enjoy the hobby. 

What is causing that trash/EMI?  Switching power supplies?  PWM?

How much gets up to 1.4 GHz?  (GPS)

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