[time-nuts] HBG swiss time transmitter shutdown

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 21:39:29 EDT 2011

Well its a funny thing actually. Looking at an amateur effort its not all
that hard at 1.6-7.0 Mhz to generate reasonable power of say 100-500 watts.
Certainly its not hard to create an exciter at those frequencies that are
derived from a quality reference. Heck many time nuts have CS references
etc. the concept is quite flexible if you consider adding some pahse
modulation perhaps. All in all pretty do-able. A few things tend to get in
the way like rules and regs etc.
But there is an alternate that would be very reasonable. The broadcast band
AM transmitters run all the time and if there exciters were controlled by
the reference you would have major portions of large areas covered. The
Broadcasters already paying for the power, transmitter, and antenna upkeep.
Of course nothing like that would happen and am modulation can have effects
on the carrier.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 9:12 PM, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:

> On 10/12/11 5:42 PM, Dan Mills wrote:
>> On Thu, 2011-10-13 at 02:11 +0200, Magnus Danielson wrote:
>>  I have wondered if not amateurs could set up small frequency broadcasts
>>> of their own. Say a 10 W transmitter or something.
>> It's called a beacon and at least the UK license does allow them (25W
>> maximum) and there are a great many out there (mostly used for
>> propagation studies and the like).
>> Transmitter frequency stability will vary all over the shop, from non
>> ovenised microprocessor grade quartz, all the way up to GPS/Rb
>> disciplined Wenzel sprinter OCXO.
> Yes.. according a friend of mine, the primary activity in the Los Angeles
> area on the 23 cm band (1300 MHz) is trying to figure out what frequency the
> various beacons are at, right now, because, in general, neither they, nor
> the oscillators for the folks trying to listen to them, are all that stable.
>  (which is odd, because these same guys all have Rb oscillators, ovenized
> widgets, GPSDOs, etc.  )
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