[time-nuts] Small basket

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Thu Oct 13 01:09:13 EDT 2011

Because the aging of oscillators is sufficiently random that it defies
prediction over the long term.  Austron, and others, have made disciplined
oscillators that calculated the aging rate relative to a stable source,
and applied that correction to the oscillator's EFC if the stable source
went away... It works for several hours at most before the stubborn little
oscillator, and the aging model diverge.

-Chuck Harris

Perry Sandeen wrote:
> List,
> Wrote: I wonder how long it will be before the only remaining basket of will
> suffer a catastrophic fall.
> The U.S. satellite system, AFAIK, is not guaranteed for high accuracy to civilians
> and also is vulnerable to foreign interference/destruction.
> Perhaps while we have it as it is now, it might be prudent to accurately track the
> EFC voltage over time that one needs to maintain a particular oscillator to it
> maximum stability.
> Then make an independent oscillator and divider chain that will cycle a digital
> potentiometer taps or perhaps a DAC to automatically maintain the rate-of - change
> needed to keep said oscillator at maximum stability.
> Doing this now with at least one or two oscillators and then comparing to a GPS
> derived frequency and least gives one a “belt and suspender” back-up.
> High quality 10 MHz oscillators are available all day on epay for less than $50.
> Or one could splurge on  a HP 10811 or Rubidium for less than $100.
> Just food for thought.
> Regards,
> Perrier
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