[time-nuts] UK standard frequencies - where?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 06:05:29 EDT 2011

> Hi David,
> I found it possible to compare down to the mHz region for the 1kHz 
> tones, but of course it requires good propagation, hanging around for 
> the continuous carrier periods of RWM and a disproportionate level of 
> patience!

Patience is something I need more of!  But in terms of the R8500, I found 
that adjusting the trimmer to as near as 1 Hz at 15 MHz was quite tricky.

> A GPSDO is certainly the way to go for a quick, reliable and highly 
> accurate frequency reference - and it's a godsend if you have test gear 
> with a reference input. In fact a pal of mine has recently bought a 
> TS950 transceiver which already has an input for a 10MHz reference - 
> sadly my IC756Pro2 doesn't have that but at least I can check it 
> accurately.

Yes, that would be handy.  Except that you'll then start wanting to take 
your reference when going out portable!

> You'll probably find, like me, that once you have cracked the issue of 
> frequency accuracy you'll start fretting about amplitude accuracy when 
> you test and align things!
> All the best,
> David, G4IRQ

Yes, I can imagine, but that will have to wait!  I was sorely tempted by 
the spectrum analyser & tracking generator reviewed in the recent RadCom, 
but I don't think I would use it enough, let alone justify the cost.

> PS. When locating the GPS aerial, if possible try and get a clear view 
> from W, through  South and around to East. That arc is where you'll see 
> the most satellites; from NW through North to NE has poor coverage.

Yes, I have four GPS antennas for timekeeping here already, one outside (a 
Garmin GPS 18 LVC on the roof, sloping towards the west) and three 
indoor - two Sure and one GPS 18x LVC.  In my WXtrack software, I wrote a 
function which shows the number of satellites visible in a particular 
quadrant during the day.  I also wrote a program which read the messages 
coming a GPS 12XL I have and plotted the actual satellites seen at this 

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