[time-nuts] Lightsquared's latest PR

Demian Martin demianm_1 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 13 15:57:41 EDT 2011

Lightsquared wants GPS users to pay to fix their own problems! They are
trying to get part of the phone industry behind them with the prospect of
making more $$$ and to push the small group of "precision GPS users" to pay
for their own fixes. 


"The GPS industry has long relied on equipment that relies on spectrum which
bleeds into the spectrum that LightSquared plans to use for its network.
While the industry had been warned of its potential use, the GPS companies
opted not to change the design of their devices or shield them against
potential interference.

Boulben said that the GPS industry's stance has steadily changed over the
past few months, from outright denial of LightSquared's right to exist to
refusing to pay for the new components. He added he believes that the GPS
companies will eventually change their minds and come to an agreement.

Read more:
-could-cost-industry-$400m/#ixzz1ah3RygUW "


I feel setup by this positioning and I'm sure most others on this list will
also feel that way. How do we organize enough to exert some political
pressure? Notwithstanding the impact of obsolescing the GPS in my car (not
replacable) so they can make some money.





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